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Attention Approved Trainers Submitting CCDBG Health and Safety Training for Approval

Are you eligible to deliver one or more of the new CCDBG Health and Safety training topics? If so, please use the CCDBG Health and Safety Training: Guidelines for Approved Trainers when designing your course. These guidelines were created with help from the TAS Advisory Workgroup and vetted through State Child Care Licensing to take all of the guesswork out of the new requirements by creating standardized training titles and course objectives for each of the newly required topics. No need to reinvent the wheel – when submitting approval requests for these topics, simply copy and paste the information contained within the guidelines into your online event form to ensure that you’ve covered all of the required content. CCDBG Health and Safety Training will only be approved when the content requirements and trainer qualifications have been met so keep it simple by using the resources we have created for you!