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Director/Administrator Survey Results Now Available

In January 2019, The Nevada Registry invited Directors and Administrators of Early Childhood Programs to complete a brief survey regarding their views about the components of high quality training and professional development. The survey was administered by KPS3 Marketing, a research firm based in Reno. The information collected will be considered by the Training Approval System (TAS) Advisory Workgroup as part of the ongoing development of the Quality Assurance System (QAS) component within The Nevada Registry’s training approval system. 

Survey Background:
The QAS is designed to document the credibility and reliability of Registry-approved training and professional development content and delivery, create a high-quality professional development experience for participants and support Registry-approved trainers through specialized professional development opportunities. It is believed that when these components are in place, the outcomes for children are more positive. 

Target Audience:
Directors and Administrators of Early Childhood Programs

This survey was designed to gain input about what Directors and Administrators believe are the components of a high-quality professional development program and what they hope their staff will gain by attending. It was also important to learn how the quality and effectiveness of training and professional development is evaluated.

Demographics of Respondents:

  • 89 respondents (13% response rate) 
    • 55% from Clark County
    • 25% from Washoe County
    • 20% from outlying and rural areas
  • 62% of respondents have been in their administrative role for 6 or more years, 35% between 1-5 years and 3% for less than 1 year. 

Key Highlights:

  • Even when training for staff is viewed as available or readily available, limited class sizes for in-person training and the time of day that training is offered are seen as challenges. Additionally, while limited in-person options in rural areas were noted, for many, online training appears to be filling a need.  
  • Nearly one-third of respondents offer paid registration for training AND paid time off for staff to attend. Just as many offer neither. Even when one or the other (or both) are offered, it is most frequently offered to Directors, full time staff and lead staff and not provided to support staff or part time staff as frequently. 
    • 31% offer paid registration
    • 6% offer paid time off
    • 28% offer both
    • 34% offer neither 
  • 44% of respondents believe that their staff prefer to complete training online (especially required initial training). In-house training delivered by the Director or another Nevada-Registry approved trainer was noted as the second most preferred format (noting that is it more cost-effective to deliver training on-site during work hours), followed by attending training being offered in the community. 
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents feel they play a large role in determining which training their staff select and that they are actively involved in ensuring that training is actually completed.  
  • Nevada Registry approval was noted as the most important factor when selecting training. While cost was indicated as the second most important factor, only 12% indicated it as the most important factor after Registry-approval.  
  • When researching available training options, nearly 50% noted The Nevada Registry’s Training Calendar as their first choice, followed by independent online searches for topics (22%). 
  • 71% of respondents feel that the most effective way to evaluate the effectiveness of training taken by staff is in their demonstrated improvement of a skill or knowledge (i.e., change of behavior/practice in the classroom). Nearly 20% ask staff members to share what they learned with colleagues. 
  • When dissatisfied with the quality or effectiveness of a training, nearly 70% of Directors/Administrators simply choose not to send other staff to the same training/trainer. Fewer respondents notify the Registry or the trainer with concerns and about 13% opt to take no action.  
  • To better ensure the quality and effectiveness of training and professional development, the three most common suggestions offered were:
    • Incorporating ratings/rankings and public communication/reviews about trainings and trainers;
    • Creating a system for collecting feedback; and
    • Incorporating a variety of evaluation methods including direct observations, online surveys and random interviews with participants conducted by The Nevada Registry. 

In addition to providing great feedback in response to our specific questions, respondents also offered several great ideas to increase the ease of navigation on the Training Calendar. Suggestions included: 

  • Create an easier way to search online courses (especially for initial training courses);
  • Add the ability to search for training by trainer name; and 
  • Include more specific information within the event details. 

Look for exciting new changes in the near future based on this feedback! 

Thank you to those who participated in this survey. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to working with you in the future to help ensure that high-quality training and professional development is available to meet your needs as well as the needs of your staff! 

Have questions about the survey? Feel free to contact us.