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Attention Trainers: FAQ about the Continuing Education Renewal Requirement

Are you an approved trainer in the Generalist, Out of State or Corporate category? If so, you must meet two specific annual trainer renewal requirements in order to be eligible to renew your trainer approval status for the 2019 calendar year. To be eligible, the following requirements must be met:

  1. You must deliver a minimum of four Registry-approved training sessions by December 31, 2018; and 
  2. You must complete 15 hours of required continuing education training and/or college coursework relevant to your field of practice/certification, including a minimum of three hours in adult learning principles, by December 31, 2018.

Trainers who do not fully meet both requirements by December 31, 2018 will not be eligible to renew their trainer approval status until January 2020. 

This post provides answers to a few frequently asked questions about the completion of continuing education only. Please see the separate post on the ‘NEWS’ page of The Nevada Registry website with answers to frequently asked questions regarding the delivery of training. 

Q: Can I choose any training I’d like in adult learning principles?
A: The Registry has created a list of resources to select from. Please choose a course from this list. Courses not included on this list may be accepted on a case by case basis if the course title specifically refers to adult learning principles. Consideration will not be given to courses/training sessions that are not specifically designed to teach these principles. 

Q: What if I take an adult learning training that is more than the required three hours? 
A: Adult learning training in excess of the required three hours can be applied toward the 15 hours of overall continuing education needed to renew; however, hours taken in excess of the required 15 hours will not be carried over to subsequent years. 

Q: I attended a national meeting, training event or conference but a certificate was not issued. Can I receive credit for this? 
A: If a certificate was not issued, a copy of the registration confirmation or receipt for payment will be accepted. A total of six hours will be granted per day when a certificate is not issued. 

Q: I attended one of the sessions at the 2018 NevAEYC Early Childhood Conference in the Trainer Track. Does this count toward the adult learning requirement?
A: Yes. If you attended either of the following two sessions and have a session approval sticker adhered to the conference certificate, these hours can be applied toward the adult learning requirement: The Fundamental Principles of Adult Learning or Powering Up Trainers: Implementing Effective and Engaging Training.

Q: I’m currently taking a college course. Can this be applied toward the requirement? 
A: Yes, credit will be granted for completed college courses so long as they are relevant to your approved topic areas (i.e., an Early Childhood Trainer will not receive credit for an English or Math course, etc.). Hours are granted at a rate of 15 hours per one college credit.  

Q: Three hours in adult learning principles are required within the total of 15 hours required annually. Can my college course count?
A: Courses that are not specifically designed to teach adult learning principles (as indicated by course title), will not be accepted to satisfy the requirement for three hours in adult learning theory. Please choose from this list.  

Q: Can I take a webinar to meet this requirement?
A: Training can be taken online or in-person; however, to be applied toward the requirement, training must be one of the following:

  • Registry-approved 
  • CEU-bearing training/courses from an accredited body (Training certificates with pending CEUs will not be accepted. To be recognized, CEUs must be formally issued and reflected on training certificates.) 
  • Credit-bearing courses from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning 
  • Offered by one of the recognized Out-of-State Early Childhood organizations listed in the Professional Development Acceptance Guidelines document of The Nevada Registry.

Q: What if the training I’m interested in completing does not offer CEUs?
A: If the training is offered by one of the organizations listed on the published list of Recognized Out-of-State Early Childhood Organizations, it can be applied toward the continuing education requirements for trainer renewal, even if CEUs are not offered.  

Q: I work in a child care facility and am required to complete 24 hours of training annually. Can these hours be applied toward the requirement?
A: Yes, if you are an Early Childhood Trainer, 12 of the hours you complete to meet annual training requirements of Child Care Licensing can be applied toward the annual trainer renewal requirement. However, you must still complete three hours in adult learning principles. Please choose from this list.  

Q: I am a licensed clinician and am required to complete CEUs in order to maintain my licensure. Can these hours be applied to the requirement?

A: Yes, the hours required to maintain professional licensure can be applied when aligned with approved topics.

Q: How will The Nevada Registry verify I have completed 15 hours of continuing education?
A: You will attach copies of your training certificates or other official form of documentation verifying attendance and/or completion within your Trainer Renewal Application. Documentation submitted to the Registry outside of the renewal application will not be accepted. 

Q: I am approved for more than one topic. Am I required to complete continuing education related to each topic I am approved for?
A: No, 12 of the 15 hours of continuing education can be specific to any or all of the topics for which you are approved; your choice.  

Q: What if I do not complete 15 hours of continuing education by December 31st? 
A: Trainers who do not meet the annual trainer renewal requirements in full will not be eligible to renew/deliver training again until January 2020.

Still have questions? Please contact our office for assistance.