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New Features Added to the Approved Trainer User Portal

In our effort to continually enhance the new online User Portal, we have added two new “bells and whistles” allowing approved trainers access to even more information contained within their accounts.

The next time you log in to your trainer account, notice the two new tabs within your dashboard: Trainings Pending Approval and Trainings Delivered. The 'Trainings Pending Approval' is just that – this is where you’ll see the events that you have submitted for approval, but that have not yet been reviewed/approved by Registry staff. The 'Training Delivered' tab provides a list of all trainings submitted and approved to date (as of January 2017). While you cannot duplicate these events from this location (go to the ‘Duplicate a Training’ tab to do that), you can see the details of each approved training including the approval code, training title, start date, number of hours and training status (approved, cancelled, denied, etc.). You can also view more specific details of any approved event such as location, cost, pre-registration information, Core Knowledge Area, training summary, etc., simply by clicking on the approval code in the table. The ‘Trainings Delivered’ list is currently read-only, but will become a printable list in the near future making it another great resource and benefit of being an approved trainer with The Nevada Registry!

Check out the new features and send us a quick email to let us know that you like what you see. Be sure to keep your eyes on the Blog and the For Trainers page of the website as additional features will continue to be added!  

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