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Trainer Survey Results Now Available!

In August 2016, The Nevada Registry invited registered trainers to complete a brief survey regarding the upcoming, improved training approval system. The survey was administered by KPS3 Marketing, and today, we are sharing the results with you!

  • We are thrilled by how many trainers participated in the survey - a total of 196; which equates to an impressive response rate of over 40%!
  • Most respondents are aware of the upcoming changes and improvements, but the survey also indicated that some trainers are not. Our goal is to ensure ongoing communication to keep everyone informed.
  • Most survey respondents feel strongly that holding trainers to a higher standard is important.
  • The survey asked what factors help trainers provide high-quality training. The most important factors among respondents are direct classroom experience and content expertise.
  • Most respondents said driving "better outcomes for children" should remain a top priority and that this is the number one benefit of the changes.
  • Respondents indicated email is the best way to stay informed, so you can expect more email communications in the near future - just like this one!

Why the changes?
Registered trainers and ECE professionals alike have been advocating for, and now expect, a higher standard of training/trainer approval in Nevada. This, coupled with aligning approval criteria and policies with the best practices of registry systems across the nation, has prompted The Nevada Registry to research the trainer and training approval systems of other states, gather formal and anecdotal data from registered trainers, and explore the key components of high-quality professional development/training delivery. These efforts will help determine the best way to create a new and improved training approval system in Nevada. An improved system will not only increase the standards for training approval but will ultimately lead to a better prepared and knowledgeable ECE workforce in Nevada. It is also our belief that through the approval and delivery of higher quality professional development to ECE professionals, children will be positively impacted, which is the most important outcome of all.
What can trainers expect?
Through a discovery process that began earlier this year, valuable information has been gathered and key components of an improved training approval system have been identified. While the specifics are still being formalized, the following components are being considered. There will likely be:

  • Tiers or trainer levels based at least in part on an individual's experience as a trainer providing community-based training to adults (Adult Learning); formal education, with particular emphasis on formal education in early childhood; and an individual's direct service experience working with children in an early childhood setting.
  • An emphasis on content expertise.
  • An avenue for new trainers to enter the trainer pool.
  • A mechanism for individuals with specialized training and certification to be approved (e.g. SIDS, Symptoms of Illness, etc.).
  • Ongoing professional development.

When are changes occurring and how can trainers prepare?
Most changes are slated to be implemented in January 2017. The Nevada Registry's role and goal is to ensure trainers are well equipped for the changes - we are your partner in this transition, and share your goal of improving outcomes for children. In the coming weeks, The Nevada Registry will be releasing information about more specific requirements, and the associated timing. 
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