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Approved Trainers - Are You Utilizing this Resource?

Have you checked out your Training Transcript? 

The next time you log in to your User Portal account, notice the button under your 'Approved Trainings' tab called “Training Transcript”. Click on this button to view, download and/or print a PDF document containing an up-to-date listing of all your Registry-approved trainings between January 2017 and the date that you generate the transcript. Training sessions are always listed in reverse chronological order beginning with the most recent date first. 

The Transcript of Approved Training includes your personal information (Trainer ID, trainer type, trainer expiration date and approved topics) as well as the details of each approved training in your account (approval code, title, CKA, start date, # of approved hours and status). Not only is this a great way to easily view all of your approved training sessions in one fell swoop, because it’s a comprehensive, up-to-date and professional document, it’s also a great way to verify your trainer approval status when applying for jobs, when submitting proposals to present at national conferences or for any other reason you may need to show proof of your approved trainer status in Nevada. 

Individuals responsible for managing a sponsor/organization account can download a transcript following the same steps outlined above. The Transcript of Approved Training for organizations includes much of the information contained in the transcript for individual trainers but also includes the trainer name(s) for each approved session. This is a quick and easy way to keep track of the number of training sessions being delivered, especially useful when multiple trainers are associated with your account.