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The Nevada Registry, with help from the TAS Advisory Workgroup, has developed a series of resources and documents designed to support individuals seeking trainer approval and those who have already been approved with regard to trainer requalification. These documents are listed below in the 'Quick Links' menu. Please note that because the training approval system is constantly evolving, there may be periodic updates to the documents in order to add clarifying language, etc. It is important that you visit this page often to ensure that you are referencing the latest information and developments related to trainer and training approval criteria, policies and procedures.  The 'Quick Links' list below will ALWAYS contain the most current versions of each document/resource regardless of what has been posted in prior blog posts and announcements. 

The Nevada Registry's Statewide Training Approval System

As the program responsible for the approval of all informal (non-credit bearing) child care training for the State of Nevada, The Nevada Registry’s statewide system of training approval promotes quality training opportunities for Early Childhood professionals and creates consistency within the training approval process. All approved training is linked to Nevada’s Core Knowledge Areas and is based on developmentally appropriate practice and theories of child development. Serving as the central clearinghouse for receiving and approving training approval requests, tracking approved training and maintaining an online calendar of approved events, The Nevada Registry is able help early childhood educators find training to meet their professional development needs and goals. 

The training approval system (TAS) launched in 2004. In January 2017, the TAS underwent a major transformation with two goals in mind: 1) Increase the standards for training approval ultimately leading to a better prepared and knowledgeable ECE workforce in Nevada and 2) Create better outcomes for children through the delivery of high-quality training, by highly qualified trainers. Through this improvement process, trainer qualification and approval criteria was implemented for the first time in Registry history. With the development of trainer criteria, two separate trainer categories (Early Childhood Trainer and Topic Trainer) were created based on content expertise, formal education, specialized certification and licensure, experience delivering training to adults, ongoing professional development and direct experience in ECE. An online training approval submission process was simultaneously launched allowing approved trainers to electronically submit their approval requests and manage their own user accounts. This streamlined the approval process while offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to the more costly, time-consuming and outdated paper/pen processes of the past.  

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Updates and Announcements:

2nd and Final Year-End Trainer Renewal Reminder - 11/9/18

Approved trainers in the Generalist, Out of State and Corporate trainer categories with fewer than four Registry-approved sessions delivered to date were sent a second reminder notice via email regarding the annual trainer renewal requirements that must be met in order to renew their trainer approval status for the 2019 calendar year. All future reminders will be posted on the For Trainers and News pages of the Registry website. 


Trainer Renewal FAQs - 10/5/18

Do you have questions about the annual trainer renewal requirements regarding the delivery of training and the completion of continuing education? If so, click on the following links for answers to a few frequently asked questions:
Training Delivery
Continuing Education 


Important Year-End Trainer Renewal Reminder - 10/3/18

Approved trainers in the Generalist, Out of State and Corporate trainer categories with fewer than four Registry-approved sessions delivered to date were sent an important reminder via email regarding the annual trainer renewal requirements that must be met in order to renew their trainer approval status for the 2019 calendar year. 


Enrollment Period for NEW Trainer Approval Now Closed - 10/1/18

The trainer approval and qualification enrollment period for NEW trainers CLOSED on 9/30/2018. No NEW trainer approval applications will be processed between October 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018. Learn more


New Trainer Category Designations - 9/18/18

The Nevada Registry has developed a way to more accurately capture the training delivery practices of approved trainers and has modified trainer the renewal requirements for certain categories. Learn more about the newly assigned trainer categories here


2019 Trainer Renewal Schedule - 9/18/18

Have you delivered four Registry-approved training sessions, completed 15 hours of continuing education AND offered at least 50% of your trainings to the public? If so, you are eligible to renew your trainer approval status as early as October 1st! Find out more


New Resource Available for Renewing Trainers - 9/18/18

Need to know what the annual renewal requirements are and when you are eligible to renew for the 2019 calendar year? Find out here


New User Portal Feature - 9/18/18

It is easier than ever before to know how many training sessions you have delivered during the 2018 calendar year and the percentage of sessions that were open to the public. Find out how


2018 Deadline for NEW Trainer Approval - 9/11/18

Individuals interested in becoming an approved trainer for the first time must submit a trainer application by September 28, 2018. Click here for more information. 

Quality Assurance System Document Now Available - 6/7/18

The TAS Advisory Workgroup has begun to develop a Quality Assurance System within The Nevada Registry’s training approval system. Find out more about this developing work here


Training Transcript Added to the User Portal - 5/17/18

A new feature has been added to the User Portal called the Transcript of Approved Training. Learn more about it here


Important Change to Topic Trainer Criteria - 5/4/18

As of May 2018, the minimum educational standard for Topic Trainer approval has been increased from a high school diploma to an Associate’s degree. This change aligns the approval criteria for Topic Trainers with the minimum educational criteria for Early Childhood Trainers and was made in cooperation with the TAS Advisory Workgroup. What this means is that individuals applying for Topic Trainer approval for the first time as of May 2018 and beyond, must now show evidence of having earned an Associate’s degree (and meet all other established criteria) in order to initially qualify. Topic Trainers approved prior to May 2018 who do not possess an Associate’s degree or higher will be “grandfathered” into the training approval system and will remain eligible to apply for trainer requalification on an annual basis through the 2021 calendar year. However, beginning in January 2022, the minimum educational standard for Topic Trainer requalification for previously approved trainers will be an Associate’s degree. Topic trainers who do not meet the minimum educational requirement as of January 2022 will no longer be eligible to apply for trainer approval/requalification with The Nevada Registry, regardless of previous trainer approval status. 


Professional Development Acceptance Guidelines - 4/25/18

In order to requalify, trainers must complete 15 hours of continuing education each year (a minimum of 3 hours must be in adult learning principles). To be applied toward the requirement, training must be Registry-approved, CEU-bearing, a college credit-bearing course or offered by one of the Out-of-State Early Childhood Organizations listed in the Professional Development Acceptance Guidelines document of The Nevada Registry.  


Initial Training "Cheat Sheet" Now Available - 4/17/18

This resource helps caregivers and trainers alike make sense of the new training requirements. Learn more


Supplemental CCDBG Training Resources Now Available - 2/15/18

Specific NAC432A regulations pertaining to each new health and safety training topic have been pulled out of the larger regulation document and broken down to highlight the regulations that currently exist in each area. Use these resources to supplement your training development and delivery. Learn more


The Nevada Registry is Now Accepting Applications for the Adult Learning Academy - 2/7/18

The Nevada Registry is looking for individuals with less than 15 hours of previous experience delivering training to adult learners who are interested in participating in the Adult Learning Academy.  Application deadline is February 16, 2018 (extended to February 23rd) . Learn more about this opportunity.


Submitting Health and Safety Training for Approval? - 2/5/18

Are you eligible to deliver one or more of the new CCDBG Health and Safety training topics? If so, please use the CCDBG Health and Safety Training: Guidelines for Approved Trainers when designing your course. These guidelines were created with help from the TAS Advisory Workgroup and vetted through State Child Care Licensing to take all of the guesswork out of the new requirements by creating standardized training titles and course objectives for each of the newly required topics. No need to reinvent the wheel – when submitting approval requests for these topics, simply copy and paste the information contained within the guidelines into your online event form to ensure that you’ve covered all of the required content. CCDBG Health and Safety Training will only be approved when the content requirements and trainer qualifications have been met so keep it simple by using the resources we have created for you! 


CCEI Training Requirement for New Trainers - 2/5/18

All individuals interested in applying to become an approved trainer with The Nevada Registry must first complete a required online course in adult learning principles titled, “PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors”, offered by the Child Care Education Institute (CCEI). This is a one-time requirement for new trainers. Instructions for accessing the course can be easily located on the left-hand side of this page of the Registry website in the yellow menu section. The cost for the course is $15. One hour of Registry-approved training will be granted upon completion.


Content Guidelines for New CCDBG Health and Safety Training Now Available - 1/18/18

The Nevada Registry, with input from the TAS Advisory Workgroup and State Child Care Licensing, has created content guidelines and trainer requirements specific to the recently adopted CCDBG health and safety training that is now required within 120 days of employment in a child care facility (Building and Physical Premises Safety, Emergency Preparedness Medication Administration, Shaken Baby Syndrome and Transportation Safety). Eligible trainers are welcome to begin submitting approval requests using the guidelines stipulated in the attached document.  Training titles and objectives for these courses should be submitted exactly as presented within the guidelines (copy and paste). Please note that CCDBG Health and Safety Training will only be approved when the content requirements and trainer qualifications have been met. 


TAS Advisory Workgroup Update – 12/21/17

The TAS Advisory Workgroup began its work in August 2017.  Five meetings of the workgroup were held through December 2017 and an incredible amount of important work was completed. The rich workgroup discussions and thoughtful feedback from a diverse group of representatives made it possible for The Nevada Registry to create a collection of documents summarizing the decisions made related to initial trainer criteria and annual trainer renewal requirements. With this information, trainers approved for the 2018 calendar year know exactly what to expect and the requirements that must be met in order to renew again next year. Click on the links below for more information. (All documents updated as of September 2018.)


New Trainer Enrollment Period Opening Soon! 

The trainer approval and qualification enrollment period for NEW trainers will open on January 8, 2018 and will be available through September 28, 2018. 
Note: Trainers who were approved during the 2017 calendar year may requalify now. Log into your User Portal and click on the red “Trainer Requalification” tab to begin the process.  

Trainer Requalification Application Process Now Open - 11/1/17

The Trainer Requalification Application is now available!  What this means is that if you are an EXISTING approved trainer with The Nevada Registry, you may initiate the requalification process at any time. Click here for more details about how to begin the process. 


TAS Advisory Workgroup Update - 10/13/17

The TAS Advisory Workgroup has been hard at work examining the trainer requalification criteria as part of the new and improved training approval system that rolled out in January 2017. Three meetings have already been held - decisions and updates about the workgroup's progress will be forthcoming. In the meantime, please be advised that all decisions made with regard to the training approval system will be posted to the blog and the For Trainers page of the Registry website. What this means is that unless you see it posted here – it’s not official! Please rely on the Registry website for the latest and most accurate information as we continue to make enhancements to the training approval system. 


Upcoming Deadline to Apply to Become a (NEW) Trainer - 9/15/17

Individuals interested in becoming an approved trainer for the first time must submit a trainer application by September 30, 2017. Click here for more information. 


Important Update to the 2017 Trainer Renewal Requirements - 9/7/17

The requirement to deliver 4 training sessions to the public is being waived for 2017. Click here for more details. 


First Meeting of the TAS Advisory Workgroup Held - 8/3/17

The scope of work for the 2017 calendar year has been identified. Click here for a complete update. 


Announcement Regarding Renewal Requirements - 6/22/17

The requirement to complete 15 hours of continuing education in order to requalify is being waived for Year 1. More information


Training Approval System (TAS) Advisory Workgroup Members Announced - 6/22/17

Members of the newly formed TAS Advisory Workgroup have been appointed. The group will begin its work in late July/early August. Learn more about the TAS Advisory Workgroup


Attention Approved ECE 4 and Topic Trainers with an Associate's Degree or Higher! - 4/13/17

A new advisory workgroup is being formed to help guide the ongoing development of The Nevada Registry's newly implemented trainer criteria, approval and qualification process. Learn more here


New User Portal Feature Added - 3/20/17

Approved trainers now have the ability to mark a training as full and to cancel a training from within their User Portal. Find out how!  


New Training-Related Icon Unveiled - 3/13/17

Check out this new icon that will help you advertise your training as Registry-approved while at the same time, help consumers of training feel confident knowing when a training has been approved by the Registry/will count toward annual training requirements. This icon is now included on the pre-filled certificates you receive within approval confirmation emails, but can also be accessed from within your User Portal. Learn more about how to use it.


Another New Feature Added to the Trainer User Portal - 3/13/17

Approval confirmation emails already contain links to pre-filled training attendance/sign-in sheets and certificates, but now you can access those same documents from within your User Portal as well! Find out how!


New Features Added to the Approved Trainer User Portal - 2/21/17

In our effort to continually enhance the new online User Portal for approved trainers, we have added two new “bells and whistles” allowing you to access to even more information contained within your account: Trainings Pending Approval and Trainings Delivered. Learn more!


Message to Trainers About New System - 1/10/17

As announced yesterday, the new and improved trainer qualification and approval process has officially launched! We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our previously registered trainers who helped us test the system and make important changes during our “soft” launch. Your feedback and support throughout this process has been invaluable! As we move forward, we'd like to offer a few tips, reminders and a bit of good news that will continue to guide you through these changes. Learn more.


Trainer Qualification and Application Process Now Open to All - 1/9/17

The trainer qualification and application process is now officially open to ALL individuals interested in becoming an approved trainer with The Nevada Registry. Regardless of whether you were a registered trainer in the past or if this is your first attempt at becoming a trainer, you will need to contact our office via email to request a trainer application. Prior to doing so, please review the trainer approval criteria in effect as of January 2017. Once you have done so, feel free to contact our office with any questions regarding the criteria, the new approval and qualification process and/or to request an application. 


Trainer Qualification and Application Process Open on Limited Basis - 12/27/16

The trainer qualification and application process is now open on a limited basis to currently registered and active trainers. Currently registered trainers with training scheduled for January may contact our office via email at to request a trainer application. The two-week submission policy is currently being waived. The new system will officially launch on Monday, January 9, 2017 and will be open to all trainers, current and new, at that time.


Trainer Criteria Q&A - 12/14/16

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the new trainer qualification and approval criteria process are now available on a dedicated page of the Registry website.


New Trainer Criteria and Qualification  Process - What to Expect - 11/30/16

To ensure that training scheduled for January is approved and posted as quickly as possible, the Registry will initiate a “soft” launch mid-December by opening up the trainer application to currently registered and active trainers only. Learn more.


Trainer Criteria Unveiled - 11/22/16

Trainer criteria was unveiled this week and sent to registered trainers via email with a link to a survey. Find out more about the new criteria.  


Got Questions? We Have Answers.  - 11/17/16

Learn more details about the upcoming trainer criteria and qualification process that will be unveiled soon.


Training Approval System Update - 10/27/16

Click here for the latest update regarding the new trainer qualification criteria and improved training approval system.


2016 Trainer Survey Results Now Available - 9/15/16

In August 2016, The Nevada Registry invited registered trainers to complete a brief survey regarding the upcoming, improved training approval system. The survey was administered by KPS3 Marketing and the survey results are now available.  


CCDF Health and Safety Training Approval Notice - 8/29/16

The Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 made major changes designed to protect the health and safety of children in early care and education (ECE) settings. As a result, a number of new health and safety trainings are now required as part of the CCDF Reauthorization. There are many sections of the new law, but as it relates specifically to professional development; all States must have minimum health and safety training requirements in 12 specific topic areas; several of which are already required within State Child Care Licensing regulations in Nevada (CPR, CA/N, etc.). Training requirements for the remaining topics have been proposed, but have not yet been adopted into licensing regulation. For this reason, The Nevada Registry is electing to refrain from approving any NEW trainings being developed in response to the proposed regulations in the specific topics listed below until the length of each course, content requirements and trainer criteria (if applicable) for these new trainings has been determined by State Child Care Licensing.

  • Administration of medication including the prevention and response to food and allergic reactions;
  • Building and physical premises safety including the storage of hazardous materials and bio contaminants;
  • Prevention of shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma;
  • Emergency preparedness and response planning for emergencies resulting from a natural disaster, or a man-caused event;
  • Precautions in transporting children.

While we appreciate the forward-thinking and proactive approach demonstrated by trainers, we believe this decision is in the best interest of training participants and will help minimize as much confusion as possible around the new requirements (i.e., something approved today might not meet the adopted regulation/requirement tomorrow). We will keep you updated as more information is received and when the child care regulations are finalized in order to support your efforts in the development of new trainings that will help meet the increased demand for these topics. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Important Update Regarding Training Approval - August 2016

Please be advised that The Nevada Registry is in the process of creating a new and improved training approval system with changes slated to roll out in January 2017. As a result, the following changes are in effect as of September 1, 2016

  • 2017 training dates will not be approved. Please do not submit requests for any training occurring in 2017 as they will be denied.    
  • The Nevada Registry will not register any NEW trainers until the criteria for trainers has been established. Only currently registered trainers may submit training for approval through the end of the year.
  • All trainers will be required to re-qualify once new trainer criteria has been established.

A plan is currently being developed to ensure that training will be available to help ECE professionals meet their professional development needs during the transition from the old to the new and improved system. Trainers will be notified (mid-late December) when the trainer approval application process is available and when the new system is ready to accept training requests for the 2017 calendar year. Until then, all other standard training approval policies and procedures remain in effect.

Be sure to check your email and the Registry blog regularly for updates and opportunities to provide input throughout this process!


New Training Approval Policy Regarding In-Home Training and Updated Trainer Agreement - August 2014

As of January 1, 2015, the Registry will no longer approve training that occurs in the private residence of registered trainers. This decision is based on the potential health, safety and liability risks that are present when individuals are invited into the private home of a trainer. Trainers who have traditionally conducted training in their homes can still provide training, so long as it occurs in a public location. Numerous training location alternatives are available; often at low or no cost, such as libraries, community centers, churches, child care facilities, etc.

The Ethical Obligations, Responsibilities and Professional Expectations for Registered Trainers agreement has been updated to reflect this change. Current trainers will not be required to resubmit a signed agreement at this time; however, all individuals registering as trainers from this point forward will be required to sign the updated form (dated August 2014) at the time of registration.


You're Invited to Join the Trainer Directory! - March 2014

The Trainer Directory is an optional, fee-based service that helps connect early childhood professionals with trainers across the state. The Directory is now available on the Registry website and allows consumers of training to look for trainers with expertise in specific topics of interest. 

Learn More About This Great New Service

Enewsletter Sent to Registered Trainers and Sponsors March 6, 2014

Download a Trainer Directory Invoice (if paying by check)


Professional Development Training Requirement for Registered Trainers - June 2013

All registered trainers are required to complete an online course in adult learning principles titled, “PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors”, offered by the Child Care Education Institute (CCEI). The cost for this course is $15. One hour of Registry-approved training will be granted. 

Instructions for Registering/Accessing the Course

Upon completion of the course, please fax or mail a copy of your Certificate of Completion to our office at: 

Fax: (775) 857-3158 
Mail: 240 S. Rock Blvd., Ste. #143, Reno, NV 89502   

* All individuals offering Registry-approved training must fulfill this requirement in order to continue to utilize the training approval system regardless of the length of time registered with the Registry, trainer type (ECE-trainer, Non-ECE trainer, trainers who are conducting training as part of their job, trainers who are being sponsored by an agency to offer training on an ongoing basis, etc.), previous experience as a trainer and/or previous training/education in adult learning. Alternative training such as previously completed training on adult learning, college courses, etc. will not be accepted in lieu of completing this course.

Updated Trainer Agreement and Newly Adopted Registered Trainer Complaint Protocol - March 2013

In addition to implementing the new training requirement for trainers, the trainer agreement has been updated/revised and policies for handling complaints about registered trainers have been developed. A letter outlining these changes was sent to all active* registered trainers and sponsoring agencies on March 25, 2013. Read the full letter now.

* Registered trainers are considered 'active' if they have provided one or more Registry-approved trainings in the past 15 months.


Click on the links below to learn more about:


* Effective July 1, 2011, the Bureau of Services for Child Care transferred to the Health Division and is now housed under the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance (HCQC) - Child Care Licensing Unit.