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Have you heard about the Telehealth Services Benefit Program?

Receive access to FREE dental and vision coverage, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), unlimited telemedicine calls, ten teletherapy sessions and an optional Whole Life insurance policy simply for being an active member of The Nevada Registry! (Must be working in a child care center or other Early Childhood-related program in Nevada to qualify.)

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A message from the BUILD Initiative:

The Pritzker Family Foundation and PBS NewsHour are partnering on a week-long series entitled Raising Our Future: America’s Child Care Dilemma. The series is scheduled to run in five nightly segments during the week of July 12. The series aims to educate the public about the state of child care in the US as it weaves the needs of infants and toddlers throughout.

The Pritzker Children’s Initiative has released a new social media toolkit to drive awareness and viewership for the series. Use this toolkit to promote the series and amplify the need for high-quality infant/toddler care. It includes messages, resources, and sample social media posts to use as part of the collective efforts to expand understanding of this critical issue.  This toolkit, which was developed with support from members of the National Collaborative for Infants and Toddlers, is designed for the pre-broadcast period through July 11.

Share this information with your networks this week and tune in to watch the series starting July 12. We appreciate your support.