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NevAEYC Seeks Board Member

The NevAEYC board is seeking candidates to be appointed to the NevAEYC board to complete the 2016 term of the VP of Educational Development.  The current VP of Educational Development has resigned.  If you are interested in being considered for this appointment, please complete the application form and return to Teresa Byington, Nominations Chair, by Wednesday, March 16.

The following is a summary on the position duties (additional responsibilities are listed on the attached document):
An important component that comprises the work of the Vice President for Educational Development is reaching out to educators, administrators and other ECE professionals throughout Nevada. During 2015, the VP of Educational Development Committee met 10 times via GoTo Meeting, wrote and charted a course for 5-Strategic Direction with identified goals and outcomes, supported (via time, resources and spreading the word), 9 training events and began work on the 2016 NevAEYC Conference.  The work of the VP for Educational Development is integral to building and maintaining communication among NevAEYC Members and Early Care & Education professionals throughout Nevada.

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