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Child Care Tip from State Child Care Licensing

Did you know that play areas that have been set up for  children set up in retail stores, shopping malls or any other establishment that offers an area where adults can leave their children at no charge are not regulated by state laws? This might be an extra consideration during the busy holiday shopping season.

Under state law (Nevada Revised Statutes 432A.024), a “child care facility” is defined as “an establishment operated and maintained for the purpose of furnishing care on a temporary or permanent basis, during the day or overnight, to five or more children under 18 years of age, if compensation is received for the care of any of those children” (emphasis added). This means that the designated area where shoppers leave their little ones without any fee (even if there is someone there to “supervise”) fall outside the scope of child care facilities regulated by state law. By extension, this means that complaints about the supervision or other issue related to these areas cannot be investigated by the state Child Care Licensing program.

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