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Tip of the Week: Updated College Transcripts

Is it time to renew your membership with the Registry? If so, be sure to include updated college transcripts showing any additional ECE courses completed and/or degrees* earned since the date of your last application (or not submitted with your initial application). Why? Because education in ECE matters! 8 ECE credits are all that is needed to increase your level to 2.1 or higher on the Career Ladder. Show us that you've completed 20 or more ECE credits and you'll be placed at Level 3.1 or 3.2 on the Career Ladder! Even if your degree is not in ECE, you can place at the level commensurate with your degree when you provide transcripts documenting 30 or more ECE credits. 

*Frequently, college diplomas do not specify the degree earned. For this reason, transcripts showing courses and degree names are required. Without transcripts, members may not receive appropriate credit for ECE degrees.

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