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Attention Trainers: New Feature Added to Trainer Profile

The Nevada Registry is excited to announce a brand new feature designed to help you prepare for trainer renewal in 2020! This new feature is now available within the 'My Trainer Account' tab of your Online Portal account. Be sure to log into your portal to check it out! 

What to Expect

You will see a new blue tab labeled ‘Trainer Renewal Eligibility Status’ right below the ‘My Trainer Profile’ tab within your trainer account. Click on it to view the number of Registry-approved training sessions delivered to date during the 2019 calendar year. This is not new information – we have just moved it from your main trainer profile page to this new section within your trainer account. 

You will also now see ‘Continuing Education’ broken down into two sections; one to capture the adult learning principles training you have completed (and that has been verified by The Nevada Registry) and the other to capture the number of general continuing education trainings hours you have completed (and that have been verified by The Nevada Registry) during this calendar year. Right now, both of these totals will show as “Not Yet Verified”. 

Submitting Continuing Education Training Certificates for Verification

You now have the option to submit your continuing education documents for review by Nevada Registry staff any time between now and the end of the year. Simply click on the ‘Upload Documents’ button at the bottom of the new section. The Nevada Registry will receive notification that you have submitted documents for review and will complete our review of your certificates within two business days. Once verified, your account will be updated and the total number of verified hours will show in the ‘Continuing Education’ section of the page. 

How will I Know Whether I am Eligible to Renew in January 2020?

When you have delivered at least four Registry-approved trainings AND completed 12 general continuing education hours and three hours in adult learning principles (for a total of 15 hours), you will see a statement at the bottom of this section verifying that you are eligible to renew your trainer approval status beginning on January 6, 2020. Similarly, a message will be displayed when you have not yet met all of the renewal requirements and/or your continuing education has not been verified by The Nevada Registry. In either instance, you will have visual confirmation of exactly what is needed in order to be eligible to renew for the next qualification period which begins on January 6, 2020.   

Submit your documentation for review and verification today! The sooner the better; there is still plenty of time to meet both requirements before December 31, 2019!