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Our Partners

The Nevada Registry has developed many valuable partnerships since inception of the program in 2004. While these partnerships vary in depth, ranging from basic involvement on the Registry Advisory Committee to providing significant program support (both financially and in-kind), all are viewed as instrumental in the ongoing implementation and success of the program. Our partnerships are continually growing and changing in order to remain responsive to the needs and growth of the program.

The list below is not an exhaustive list of all of our partners, but simply a highlight of a few of the primary programs and partnerships that have had the greatest impact on the Registry to date. Additional information will be added as new collaborations are formed.

Statewide Partnerships

Child Care Licensing with the Division of Public and Behavioral Health
The Nevada Registry accepted the charge to take on training approval on a statewide basis in October of 2004. Since that time, The Nevada Registry has worked very closely with staff of the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance (HCQC)- Child Care Licensing Unit (formerly the Bureau of Services for Child Care) to ensure that the training approval system is congruent with State child care licensing regulations. In fact, it is through this partnership that many of the policies regarding the training approval process were created and have been sustained. Building and maintaining an effective collaboration with the HCQC is instrumental to the continued success of the training approval system as well as to the Registry’s ability to carry out full implementation of mandatory participation (adopted into state regulations in April of 2009).

Department of Education, Office of Early Learning and Development
The Office of Early Learning and Development (formerly the Office of Early Care and Education/OECE) was established under the State Child Care Administrator's Office to oversee and coordinate the quality improvement funds received through the Federal Child Care Development Funds (CCDF). The Registry is a CCDF-funded program. As such, the Office of Early Learning and Development provides program oversight to the Registry and monitors program accountability through quarterly expenditure and annual program outcome reports. The Registry is also very fortunate to have office space at the Northern Nevada Professional Development Center and a telephone communication system provided by the Nevada State Welfare Division (the umbrella agency to the OECE). The OECE was the catalyst for the creation of a registry system in Nevada during the early stages of development and continues to serve as an advocate of the program.  

Nevada Pre-K Standards
Knowledge of the Pre-K Standards is embedded within Nevada's Core Knowledge Areas and Core Competencies for Early Care and Education Professionals. In addition to incorporating information about the Registry into each Pre-K Standards trainings, the Registry and Nevada Pre-K Standards work together on many projects to develop the connections between the skills and competencies of ECE professionals and related outcomes for children.

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood ® Nevada
T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood ® Nevada and The Nevada Registry collaborate on many projects including program outreach, the NevAEYC Pre-Conference Day at the Legislature and the NevAEYC State Conference, just to name a few. Because the foundation of both programs is formal education (in the form of scholarships provided by T.E.A.C.H. to ECE professionals working toward their AA/AS or BA/BS degree in early childhood, and recognition of those accomplishments on the Registry’s Career Ladder), a natural partnership exists. As a supporter of the Registry’s community outreach efforts, T.E.A.C.H. donates light refreshments for each presentation. The program furthers the work of the Registry on an ongoing basis by requiring active membership with the Registry as a criterion for scholarship. 

Washoe County Human Services Agency - Child Care Licensing
As one of only two entities responsible for licensing and regulating child care facilities in Nevada, Washoe County Child Care Licensing is an important partner of The Nevada Registry. Washoe County licensing has been instrumental in helping to establish the training approval system and ensuring alignment between county child care regulations and Registry approval policies, so much so that The Nevada Registry regularly seeks input and clarification from them to ensure that accurate information is being provided to the ECE workforce. It is also through this partnership that child care providers are now more informed than ever before regarding licensing-related issues, have a more consistent training approval system to navigate and can begin to move beyond what is required by regulation to reach professional development goals that meet and/or exceed minimum licensing requirements. Ongoing input and collaboration is critical in bridging the gap between child care regulations and professional development.

Washoe County School District
The Nevada Registry is funded through the Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant - Quality Improvement Dollars and is administered through a contract with the Washoe County School District (WCSD). As the host agency for the Registry, the WCSD provides the infrastructure for our program, providing all business and personnel services, as well as guidance and supervision to assist us in meeting our goals.  As an educational institution, they provide leadership for our mission of educational and career development.


National Partnerships

National Registry Workforce Alliance
The National Registry Workforce Alliance is a private, non-profit, voluntary organization of state early childhood and school-age workforce registry and professional development leaders. The Alliance is designed to enhance, strengthen, and support the work of state early childhood and school-age registries by providing an interactive forum for networking, information and strategy exchanges. The Alliance has developed best practices to guide the work of registry systems as well a quality assurance process, the Partnership Eligibility Review (PER), to determine state's level of "readiness" for participation in data-related projects at the national level that inform policy or support quality initiatives. As an official member of the Alliance, staff of The Nevada Registry have access to national resources, an interactive listserv and professionals throughout the nation doing similar registry-related and professional development systems work in their own states. Shelly Nye, The Nevada Registry Program Director, is also currently a member of the Board of Directors serving in the capacity of Region IX Representative. As such, she is responsible for acting as a liaison between the Board and the states within the region (Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada) in an effort to coordinate collaboration within the region and keep member states abreast of work occurring at the national level.