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Coordinator: Tina Springmeyer
Office: 775-327-0675
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Content standards have been developed to describe appropriate outcomes for children at the end of their preschool experience and entering kindergarten. The standards have been developed based on the research that supports the significance of the early years in future student achievement and can be used by all early childhood education programs in Nevada as a guide for child outcomes for preschool. The standards are a published list of descriptions of what most children should know and be able to do before they enter kindergarten. The standards are focused on the following six areas:

  1. Creative Arts (visual arts, creative thinking, music and movement and dramatic play);
  2. Language/Literacy;
  3. Math;
  4. Physical Development/Health;
  5. Science;
  6. Social Studies/Social Emotional

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What are the Pre-K Standards?

Nevada’s Pre-K Content Standards are a joint effort supported by the Nevada Department of Education’s Office of Special Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, and School Improvement Programs, as well as the State of Nevada, Department of Health and Human Resources, Welfare Division, Office of Early Care and Education and it’s contractors. These agencies were challenged by the Federal Good Start, Grow Smart initiative to work together to develop standards to be used by all Early Childhood Education programs in Nevada as a guide for child outcomes for preschool. The Pre-K Content Standards are guidelines for teachers to use when developing learning experiences for young children that are grounded in the following guiding principles:
  • Children are active learners
  • Development and learning are inter-related
  • Growth and learning are sequential
  • Each child is an individual learner
  • Development and learning are embedded in culture
  • Family involvement is necessary
  • Children’s learning can be clarified, enriched, and extended

Basis of the Pre-K Standards

The standards have been carefully designed considering the typical development of preschool children ages 3-5. All children develop at their own pace and not meeting these standards does not mean a child will be unsuccessful or ineligible for kindergarten. The standards are simply a tool teachers can use to strengthen their already quality and developmentally appropriate preschool environments. For more information about the Standards, contact the Nevada Pre-K Standards office at (775) 327-0675 or via email at

Format of the Pre-K Standards

Five sections of the professional development training and corresponding materials have been completed. Teacher and Family Guidebooks on Language and Literacy, Math, Social Studies/Social Emotional, Music and Creative Arts describe the standards and offer suggestions for helping prepare preschoolers for kindergarten are now available. Five content standard training sessions have also been developed to train Early Childhood teachers and others in the field of Early Childhood Development. These training sessions help empower teachers to further understand and use the standards within preschool environments.
Follow these links to download the guidebooks for the Pre-K Standards:

Language and Literacy


Social Studies/Social Emotional


Creative Arts


Connecting the Pre-K Standards to Core Competencies

Knowledge of the Pre-K Standards is embedded within Core Competencies for Early Care and Education Professionals. While the Pre-K standards act as a guide for child outcomes, the core competencies focus on the preferred outcomes for the adults who care for young children. It is believed that early childhood teachers who provide quality learning environments and experiences for young children will help those children meet the goals set forth in the Pre-K Standards.

Download your personal copy or pick one up from one of the agencies listed below (due to budget constraints, individual copies cannot be mailed). For more information, contact the Nevada Pre-K Standards office via email at, or by phone at (775) 327-0677.

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Contact: Tina Springmeyer
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