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Enrollment for the Telehealth Services Benefit Program Now Available to ALL Registry Members

Receive access to unlimited telemedicine calls and up to 10 teletherapy sessions, per year, per family, for up to two years for FREE! Individuals must be active members of The Nevada Registry and currently employed in a child care setting or other early childhood-related program in Nevada to enroll. Log into your Online Portal account and click on the 'Membership Account' tab on your dashboard. If you are employed in ECE, you will see a new tab titled, ‘Telehealth Services Benefit Program' under your 'Training Documentation' tab. Open that tab and scroll down to the bottom to begin the enrollment process.

Learn More About the Telehealth Program

From Washoe County Child Care Licensing

The State of Nevada now requires fingerprints of “Minor” employees.  Workers who are under age 18 must now pass a background check.  Child care facility employees who are under 18 years of age (minors) are now subject to a background check as a condition of employment.  These minor employees now have to be fingerprinted and/or live-scanned.

Please keep in mind however, that even though minors may receive a Memo of Eligibility, Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 432A.306 says they cannot be left alone unsupervised if they are under 18.

Under age 18 caregivers who applied prior to December 1, 2022 should have received a Memo of Eligibility which expires on their 18th birthday, at which time they will need to be fingerprinted and go through the full background clearance process. Those under 18 caregivers who applied December 1, 2022 or later, would need to be fingerprinted.  Child Care Licensing is working on contacting those under 18 caregivers who applied December 1, 2022 or later.  If you have any under age 18 caregivers who applied December 1, 2022 or later who have not been contacted, please contact Washoe County Child Care Licensing’s office at (775) 337-4470.

Please find the most up to date version of the background process packet below, and please replace any previous versions you may have saved.

This new packet contains updated instructions and an updated Consent and Release form (which requires parent/guardian signature for caregivers under age 18).

CCL Fingerprinting Packet (1-10-23)