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Washoe County Child Care Licensing has received several inquiries regarding the updated Family Child Care Home Ratios in the Washoe County Regulations.

In February 2019, state ratios were updated as follows:
NAC 432A.534  Family homes. (NRS 432A.077)
1.  Limits on the number of children in a family home are set forth in the following table:

The change in the format created questions about whether or not a provider could have six children under the age of two, which was previously not allowed in the Washoe County Regulations. This led to the Washoe County regulation change on October 26, 2021, approved by the Board of County Commissioners, which specified that providers could have no more than four total children under the age of two.

Following the official change in the Washoe County Regulations, it was brought to their attention that the State of Nevada regulation does not allow for a home provider to have more than four children under three years of age, and this is being enforced by the State of Nevada Child Care Licensing. Washoe County Child Care Licensing has the ability to be more restrictive, but not less restrictive, than State Child Care Licensing. As a result, now that Washoe County Child Care Licensing has been made aware they were not enforcing the ratios set forth by the State of Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Washoe County has the challenging task of moving forward to come into compliance with enforcement of those ratios.

Washoe County Child Care Licensing recognizes there will be a significant transition period to meet these ratios. They are not requiring homes that are currently out of compliance with this requirement drop any currently enrolled children from care. Moving forward, as children get older and the ratios are naturally met, the expectation is that there are not more children enrolled that would place more than four children under the age of three at one time in a home child care setting. Situations where children are not enrolled but have already reserved a spot can be staffed with your licensing worker on a case-by-case basis.

Washoe County Child Care Licensing thanks you for your cooperation and will continue to collaborate with State Licensing on this matter for future policy decision.