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Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS)


Silver State Stars - Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS)

Do you want your early childhood program to be the best it can be?  Are you committed to increasing your program quality and professional development?  If so, then take the next step into STARdom!  
The Nevada Department of Education, through the Office of Early Care and Education, has implemented Nevada’s Quality Rating Improvement System, Silver State Stars QRIS.  A Quality Rating & improvement System is a process to assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in early care and education programs.  The Silver State Stars QRIS provides early childhood centers/programs with a comprehensive understanding of what they do well, as well as provide individual programs with extensive support through individualized coaching, technical assistance, financial incentives, resources and professional development opportunities to address areas of improvement and overall increases in high quality best practices.  This is all provided at no charge to licensed child care facilities in Nevada.

In addition to supporting child care programs and the professional practitioners within them, the Silver State Stars QRIS informs parents/families regarding child care choices and what high quality truly means.  This also culminates into bringing community awareness to the critical role that the early years play in preparing children for their academic journey and lifelong successes….valuing the very important work early childhood professionals do every day!

Check out the Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS website for more information, including:

  • How to find Star rated centers/programs
  • Family and professional resources
  • Why “high quality” is important
  • The Nevada Silver State Star QRIS Models and so much more…

Visit the Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS website for more information.